Industrial RDI Projects

DEKRA Academy Ltd.

The company cooperates in the fields of education, RDI, consultancy, cybersecurity training, education development, student support, event organisation. It is also involved in joint professional training projects and joint proposals in applied research areas.

HandInScan Ltd.

The company developed an automated complex hand hygiene control system within the framework of KIKOK and collaborates in the development of joint projects and tenders, applied research and provision of internships.

Hungaroflotta Ltd.

Develops a complex SensoDoc solution for healthcare institutions based on widely available technology supporting real-time asset and personnel tracking, high accuracy indoor positioning.

Koellner Medical

Pioneers research and development in surgical robotics and develops a surgical robotics system and technology demonstrator.

Medicor Ltd.

Further development of the MassVentil mass ventilation system and underlying invention, preparation of designs to meet medical standards.

Sole-Utions Ltd.

Professional consulting and technical advice on the production and machining of silicone components. Collaboration agreement for research, development and innovation activities.