EFFECT project

EFFECT is a European H2020 funded research project with the overarching goal to develop and test innovative agri-environmental contract mechanisms to improve the provision of environmental goods.


The growing demand for improving environmental quality puts additional pressure on European agriculture. While short-term agricultural profitability has become better aligned with longer-term sustainability, meeting environmental and climate targets remains among the most pressing European policy issues. To address this, EU and national policy reforms continue to implement both mandatory and voluntary instruments to achieve environmental and climate targets. Flexible agri-environmental contracts are already in use across the EU. However, many initiatives are costly and/or ineffective, have skewed distributional impacts, increase farmers’ risks, or implementation is too bureaucratic. It is, therefore, essential that new contract arrangements are developed and empirically tested. Environmental and agricultural stakeholders alike need better guidance on when and where different contractual arrangements are likely to generate significant impacts.


• Develop and co-design contractual frameworks with local farmers and stakeholders;

• Test these contractual frameworks in case studies around Europe;

• Help reconcile farmers’ private benefits with the achievement of climate and environmental public goods;

• Take social and behavioural aspects of farmers’ decision making into account in the design of new contractual frameworks;

• Improve the collaboration of different academic fields of expertise: natural sciences, agronomy, law, economy, political sciences;

• Build an international consortium that can take advantage of cross-country and interdisciplinary learning;

• Give new inputs to decision makers and agricultural stakeholder on effective design of agrienvironmental contracts.

Weboldal: project-effect.eu

Project coordinator: Prof. Mette Termansen
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
E-mail: mt@ifro.ku.dk

Local coordinator: Dr. József Fogarasi
Óbudai University, Hungary
Phone number: +36 (1) 666-5195
E-mail: fogarasi.jozsef@uni-obuda.hu