About us

The mission of the University Research and Innovation Center (EKIK) is to bring together academia, business, government and investors to foster innovation and help bring unique ideas and research to fruition.

It does this by providing companies and universities with access to experts, equipment, networks, proposals and funding opportunities.

For companies and students

EKIK shares its innovation capabilities, tools, valuable business and financing advice with its collaborative partners. EKIK is open to collaborate on publicly funded RDI projects in, or within the framework of traditional fee-for-service projects. As an impartial and open partner, it draws on decades of experience to help organisations in multiple areas of science and technology.

For investors

EKIK works with a vibrant network of investors and looks for further opportunities to promote investment in high-growth and early-stage companies.

By bringing together key stakeholders in unique innovation networks, it enhances cross-sector knowledge transfer and quickly delivers solutions that accelerate innovation processes.