Industry 4.0 Prototyping

MakerSpace, the open technical workshop

The workshop (formerly known as FabLab), now in its sixth year, was the brainchild of Dr Péter Galambos, head of the Antal Bejczy iRobotics Centre (BARK). It provides a platform for citizens of the university and external companies to turn ideas into reality.

It provides technical support in the following areas:

  •     Machine cutting
  •     3D design and printing
  •     Welding
  •     Silicone and resin casting
  •     Precision screw and drill bit removal
  •     Implementation of Industry 4.0 electronics and IT solutions


Tivadar Garamvölgyi

Technical laboratory technician

University Research and Innovation Centre

    Phone number:+36 (1) 666-5728


    Address: 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 96/b. (BA.2.28)