RDI Infrastructure recovery

Óbuda University is particularly motivated to utilise RDI infrastructure. This goal is supported by developments enabling the utilisation of the university’s RDI infrastructure implemented within the framework of the project Innovation Ecosystem Development at Óbuda University (2019-1.2.1-EGYETEMI-ÖKO-2019-00017) and those under implementation. Details of the laboratories, our facilities and services were collated in a common database and are now accessible at the website https://innobuda.hu. With the development of the website, our aim was to create a platform that would provide insight into domestic and foreign market players about the University’s research competences and service profile. Óbuda University boasts seven faculties offering a wide range of engineering courses. As a result, we have renowned experts, laboratories and facilities embracing a broad spectrum, from packaging to robotics.


Innovation Office

EKIK University Research and Innovation Centre

    Tel: +36 1 666-5623

    +36 30 261-3496

    E-mail: innovacio@uni-obuda.hu