EKIK Innovation Events

The University Research and Innovation Centre (EKIK) organises several events, conferences and symposia every year, based on current innovation themes. These events are well attended and not just by university citizens. The programme ranges from a series of start-ups to thematic lectures. One of EKIK’s most prominent events is the “Innovation Day at Óbuda University”, which is linked to the Hungarian Science Day. It also co-organises the university’s national and international innovation and research flagship project closing events, in which EKIK experts also participate as speakers.

Start-up for Adults

The Start-up for Adults series was jointly organised by the Keleti Károly Faculty of Economics and the University Research and Innovation Centre. It started as an optional professional course in the first semester of 2021/2022. Following this lectures by experts from the Széchenyi Funds and Start-up for Adults lecturers became available to the university students, who also have significant practical experience in the field. The event was also attended by students of the HSUP course. The lectures were available online and in person in the lecture room F.09 on the Bécsi street campus.

Start-Up Event

The Start-Up Event is an initiative jointly organised by the Proof of Concept winners of Óbuda University and EKIK.

The aim is to create a community and a series of events that will bring students together, including students from other universities.

“Our experience is that students from different faculties don’t really meet. So a mechanical engineer will not meet an economics student, for example. We want to change that. Our mission is to get students with ideas and motivation to meet each other and start their projects as a team.

Our Start-Up Event is a perfect opportunity to do this.”

You can follow the Start-Up Event events via the Facebook group below: