Óbuda University start-up teams among the best!

Twenty of the most promising projects of the second year of the Hungarian Startup University Program (HSUP) are presented to investors. It was not an easy task for the panel of experts to select the most innovative and marketable initiatives from nearly 200 better-than-best projects.

Three start-up teams from the Óbuda University – FilaMass, MotivApp and Agilis Press – were also on hand to cheer on the “Demo Day” on 13th July. After the 3-minute pitches, the jury will award the projects with professional recommendations. Among the important criteria for the evaluation will be the novelty of the project, its market potential, how effectively it responds to a given problem, team cohesion and maturity for implementation. The FilaMass team, which is further developing 3D printing technologies, has also been given a vote of confidence by the University of Óbuda, which recently signed a cooperation and technology transfer agreement with the students. The university has thus reached a national level of excellence in supporting the implementation of student innovations.